15 Dec 17 Master cylinders off

Evening: Achieved removal of the brake and clutch master cylinder and mounting box. This involved removing four bolts which fix the box to flat of the inner wings and two from under the dash on the vertical bulkhead. These were difficult to reach and required removal of the (large) steering wheel, also loosening of the wiper motor which was in the way. I have left that dangling by its wires until I am ready to refix the assembly. A few bolts were a bit tricky to get at – it’s very restricted up near the scuttle and it was really messy. The area needs a clean-up before re-fixing the master cylinders. I gave the box, the brake master cylinder, brake and clutch pedals and all the nuts and bolts a de-gunk in a plastic box and then dried them ready for refixing. I am not going to repaint these until I have fixed the clutch issue – they will have to come off again for the respray so the area can be tidied up. Would be a good idea to remove the aerial now which is wobbling in the wing at the moment. It will be easy to get my hand under the wing with the master cylinders out of the way. Very pleased with this accomplishment – it wasn’t easy. The new master cylinder looks like the right fit, so that’s good.

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