26 Nov 17 Strip on

Purchased spark plug socket (£5) and feeler gauge (£4). Removed further interior trim including n/s door capping, sun visors (note Drivers already removed), rear view mirror, A-post trims (black) and gearbox cover plate (note, one bolt had previously sheared off and remains in-situ). Removed transmission tunnel carpet (in poor condition). Noted heat insulation around tunnel in poor condition. Under bonnet, removed air cleaners and put in box for refurbishment (plan to sand down and repaint in satin black, new decals). Removed rear bumper. Noted that C-Post lining (same as head lining), is held in place by the hatch props, so need to remove these to remove this piece of trim (which is ripped). Therefore, plan to remove glass in hatch to reduce weight when doing this and because the seals are knackered. MG Underbonnet

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