14 Jan 18 Glass out

Spent some time on the car today. Removed the window rubbers from the side glass (they just pull off). I then jacked up the front and removed the wheels (also, I removed the chrome bezels from the front wheels and hung them up for later polishing). Noted that the n/s front brake is binding. Didn’t have time to sort that, but a job for another day. Read up that you can remove the pads and push the piston back on with a c-clamp. When I later put the wheels back on, I put copper-ease on the bolts, so it will be interesting to see if that makes a difference. The threads certainly feel nice going back on. The o/s front wheel nuts were incredibly tight – I had to jump on the wheel wrench to release one and it did so explosively. I concentrated most time on clearing fittings from the front end. I removed the n/s indicator which was fitted with the smallest nuts ever on the longest bolts. I then loosened the loom from its clips, labelling as I went, removed two air horns, the electric fan and the oil cooler. The electric fan is mounted on struts that are bolted onto the bulkhead – I couldn’t properly get to the underneath, so the bolts just spun around. Underneath there is a panel and I couldn’t see how it came off so that’s a job for another day. Observation that the valance is quite scruffy and will need some work prior to the respray. One of the loom clips was reluctant to come out, so I had to hacksaw that off. One of the horn mounts was also reluctant to come off, so there is a bracket still stuck on that needs removing. Removing the oil cooler was easy once I decided to cut the pipes – they would need replacing so I figured I had nothing to lose. The unions on the oil cooler were very tight, so that will need some heat (maybe at the farm) to encourage them to release. At the oil filter end, there was further fun as I could release the nut to the filter base, but not from the pipe, so the pipe is still stuck on. Not helped by it all being a bit massive (over 1”) and fairly confined. Removing the alternator would probably have helped but I didn’t want to commit to that job just yet. All this fun was made much better from the appearance of John from Church in his Nissan Leaf. I offered him a cup of tea and explained the dilemma with the oil cooler. He shot back to his house and returned with a 24mm spanner (alas, still too small), a huge wrench thing and an imperial socket set. We were however, ultimately defeated by the oil cooler pipes and to be honest my allotted car time was ticking away so I decided to stop there for the day and put the car away. In removing the front wheels, I had move the steering which needed to be re-set to get it into the garage, so I had to put the steering wheel back on. Once the car was safely stowed, the tools were stowed away, and the rags and gloves put on to wash I remembered that I hadn’t removed the o/s indicator – one of the original jobs for today and reasons for jacking up the car in the first place. Oh well, that’s as they say is a job for another day.

MG on jacks

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