2 Feb 18 Carbs off

Pushed the MG outside to get some air. Removed the carbs as I could now see the other flange bolts.  They came off easily enough, although access to the lower nuts is a bit fiddly. Had a look at the quarter lights, located the bolts which hold these on. It looks easy enough to remove these. The door tops also look fairly easy, just need to get some decent drill bits to be able to drill out the rivets. Had another go at the screws holding in the heater. They are tight, and the heads are now a bit rounded due to previous attempts. I might have to drill these out. I sent the specification for the respray to Gavin at Reef, Trowbridge. He is coming around on Monday, so I am hopeful he will offer a reasonable quote. Done some looking at exhausts on the internet – the Tourist Trophy is a lovely system, with opportunity for a tubular manifold. Might be worth the investment for the end result, they are around £350.

Been thinking about air filters. K&N are nice, but pricey (£130), Ram Air do a nice set up for £69.MG Outside sunny

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