21 Jan 18 Oil cooler unions

Picked up a compression test gauge from Dad yesterday and was given instructions on its use. 


1.      Remove all plugs

2.      Put test kit into number one spark plug socket

3.      Have assistant spin engine over and note reading (looking for 130 or above)

4.      If any reading is significantly below 130, then put a small amount of oil in the bores and re-test. If the test improved, then the rings / bores are worn. If the test does not improve, then one of the valves is not working properly

5.      Repeats for cylinders 2 to 4

6.      Note messy job as muck gets blown out of sockets

This morning I called in help from Reliability Engineer Mark to assist in freeing off the oil cooler unions. To cut a long story short, this did not take long with Mark’s tool set and immense expertise. I then removed the radiator housing, the radiator, top and bottom hoses and heater rail. I then degreased the exposed areas around the front of the engine. I also removed the under-bonnet rubber seal (who knew there was such a thing?) around the top edge of the engine bay. The radiator is now ready to be sent away for refurbishment.

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