22 Jun 18 Removing the rear hatch

Had a day off to recuperate from last night’s Ed Sheeran concert. Pushed the MG out into the sunshine and had a look over to see what needed doing. I wasn’t intending to do much, as I was supposed to be resting. However, I took a look at the hatch as this is my test panel for painting. First, I ran the drill-mounted wire brush over the edge where the glass had been. This cleans up okay, but will need some firm rubbing to get to a smooth finish. I also discovered some rubbers seals still in place which were tricky to remove, so took the decision to remove the hatch completely. This involved removing the hatch springs which hold the lid in place. These came off okay, but the chrome has flaked off the caps so they will need replacing (available from Moss). The hatch came off fairly easily, but on inspection it does have some rust so will need rubbing down and finishing properly with rust proofing to get to a decent finish. The hatch is easily placed back in the hole when not being worked on. I tidied up the garage and half-filled the boot with stuff to go to the tip. The Cappuccino was being worked on at the same time by a guy who removes dents – he was making good the bump received in the winter storms. A good job done for £100. I pushed the MG away after lunch, respecting my aim of having a quiet day.

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