23 Mar 18 Welding plans

Rang Austin (the Welder) and discussed with him a plan to complete the welding on the car prior to sending off to a paintshop. This has several advantages – first, I know Austin and trust him to not rip me off, secondly it creates the opportunity for me to do some more preparation on the car before it goes off for paint. I have asked him to repair the doors, boot floor, inner wing and to remove the engine for me (cunning plan). Hence, when I get it back I can further strip the engine bay for painting, then prepare and paint the engine bay myself with rattle cans, removing this part of the job from the paintshop. I think this will save money on the overall respray, as well as giving me something to focus on while I save up for paint. I will paint the engine bay using cellulose paint, then the paintshop can do two pack on the exterior. Also, Austin can give the bodywork a poke and identify any risk areas not yet identified. The only down side is the need to pay for someone to transport the MG there and back, but I think we will save this money overall in the scheme of things and I don’t have to hire an engine hoist.

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