26 May 18 Paint strip experiment

Pushed the MG out into the early summer sunshine. Successfully removed one of the heater knobs (push thin drill bit into the hole to push release button and pull off). The second one refused to budge so I committed to removing it destructively. Managed to break a corner off, but was then just levering off the fascia which can’t be a good thing. On hold until I can get the rotary tool on it, and cut the bugger off.

Performed successful experiment with Nitromors. I selected a corner of the rear hatch and applied according to instructions. Once treated, I scraped the green paint, and primer off and was able to sand down to bare metal relatively easily using 80 grit and 200 grit respectively. I then dusted with a etch primer. I wasn’t aiming for a good finish – that would take more sanding, but it was useful to assess how difficult it would be to strip more of the car in this manner.


Finally managed to remove the heater and servo units! The heater has foxed me for a long time, but I took the prying bar to it and established that it lifts out, not pulls away. With this knowledge, I pried away and managed to pull it up and out, tearing some insulation in the process. I then tackled the servo – again I have been confused as to how this the bracket was fixed, but hit on the idea that the nut may be in the footwell and there it was. The servo was rapidly removed! This has given me a good sight into the inner wings which could use some waxoil at some point

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