27 Jan 18 Rainy day jobs

A rainy day in Chippenham so I just spent some time in the garage. Put the passenger seat frame in the boot to make more room, then focussed on the engine bay. Removed heater hose, removed heater cable (had to cut it). Removed the throttle cable from the carbs. Removed breather pipe from the carbs. Undid the top flange nuts from the carbs but cannot find the lower ones (there are four in total). Perhaps with the car outside I can get in from the side and find them. Removed the plugs leads and coil. Removed heater fixings. Removed the o/s indicators. Also, gave exposed areas a damn good cleaning – this involved digging out deep grime from the bracing struts. Also, cleaned grime from the steering rack and exposed the actual metal. I found an old rotor arm in the grime! Removed a couple of grille brackets, but two remain stuck on – hacksaw job! 


·        Temperature gauge cable (bolt into side of the head). This was really stiff. Even tried jacking it. Used WD40, but it may need heat.

·        Heater unit – couple of screws refused to budge and are now rounded. Hence, I can’t remove this.

·        Horn Bracket on o/s – one screw refused the budge and is now rounded (has a nut on the inner wing). Tried to hacksaw it off – broke one blade and got bored sawing away. Just need to persist I think (but it is scratching the paint a bit).

·        Carbs – cannot find the lower flange bolts (solved 2/2/18)

·        Grille brackets – two remain

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