4 Apr 18 Fascia stripping

Spent some time inside the car for a change. It’s tight to get into whilst in the garage, but with a bit of contortion its possible. I undid and labelled all the cables securing the centre console (which was unclipped when I bought it) so that it could be removed. It comprises, a map light, a voltmeter, clock, cigar lighter and another lamp. I removed the glovebox liner and the gear lever. I attempted to remove the heater controls but I could not work out how to despite guidance from a forum. Must research again. My reasoning on stripping the dash is I need to get to know how this all goes together and I still need to remove the heater so maybe I can figure out how some of that works from inside the car – I am still struggling to remove the heater from under the bonnet. I also did some more rubbing down and cleaning of the carb body. I used the rotary tool and sandpaper, folded to fit into the crevices buts it’s difficult work. I hope it will be worth the effort. 

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