4 Feb 18 Compression Test

Sunday, a dry day, but really cold. Pushed the MG outside. I attempted stripping down of the driver’s door. The winder mechanism and window glass came out quite nicely actually, after removing the necessary bolts. Also, I managed to drill out the rivets to release the top trim. However, the quarter light wouldn’t budge and on further inspection I found a hidden bolt. Having removed the hidden bolt, it still wouldn’t budge and after a bit of pulling I took another look and there is another hidden bolt in a very inaccessible place. After a bit of feeling around, I have left this for another day as I cannot see how it will come out. This was a bit annoying. Anyway, to cheer myself up, I got to removing the chrome trims from around the driver’s side windows using my new drilling out method (I haven’t done this before). It is fine if you get the drill bit aligned well. If you don’t then the trim gets a bit mullered. Anyway, driver’s side trims are now removed. I started on the passenger side, but the drill bit got bent and without a spare I had to stop there for the day. After lunch break I asked for Helen’s assistance in performing the compression test. This went well with good compression (around 150 psi) on all cylinders. Preparation for this test included topping up the battery with a bit of charge and of course this meant repairing both crocodile clips on the charger. Nothing is simple! Anyway, the test results are further confirmation of the basic soundness of the engine which is good news. With this test complete, I can now remove further engine components which is good preparation for the re-spray. Posted compression results on FB and the community loved them! MG Compression Test

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