4 Mar 18 Carb cleaning

Still awaiting a quote from Polite Paint Shop in Gloucester – emailed them this morning. 

Have decided to write a build sheet for the re-build stage of the job. This will specify how I want the car to be and will I think will help to focus me when I get to that stage as it will be easy to buy the first thing coming rather than keeping to an overall plan.

Had another go at rubbing down the dashpots with sandpaper, but following comments on my FB post, I bought a rotary tool with multiple attachments (basically a Dremel, but a cheap one). I used the polishing wheel to polish up the dashpots some more. Finish is okay, but you can see rubbing marks. I will have to refine my technique. I used the mini wire brush to clean up the body of the carbs – it removes the grime effectively but does not polish it. I have yet to fully establish how to get into all the nooks and crannies. There are multiple attachments, but I am being careful not to rush in with anything too harsh as it will remove metal which is to be avoided.

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