7 Jan 18 Removing lamps

I received in the post the copper grease and impact driver set I ordered. Today I removed the lock from the rear hatch, cut the heating element wires from the rear hatch glass rubber seal, disposed of the rear glass seal, stowed the rear hatch glass in the garage and removed the rear side glass. There are some trims remaining around the rear glass and the drip rail which could be removed or left in-situ. I will look up in the manual how difficult they are to remove. Would be better to get them off.  

I spent some time around the front end looking at how to strip out the headlights and indicators. The o/s headlight came out easily, and I was able to disconnect the wires from their connectors okay. The n/s headlight wiring was a bit trickier as the loom this side was connected to the indicators, so to release the headlight I would have to remove the indicator. I removed the indicator lens and surround, but the mounting is bolted from the rear and I didn’t feel up to removing them (the nuts look tiny and have very long threads) this afternoon. The o/s indicator housing looks slightly better mounted with larger nuts, but still long threads. Having worked inside wheel arches before, its better to take the wheel off to give yourself maximum working room, so I will plan for that and get the front jacked up at some future point for this task. I will be a good opportunity to have a look at the front brakes and the inside wheel arch condition so worth doing. Good news was that from peering in, the inside of the wheel arch looked solid with a nice coating of underseal / sealant.

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