27 Jun 18 Rear hatch paint trial

This evening I used Nitromors to strip the paint off the underside of the rear hatch. The rear hatch is my trial panel and the idea is to chemically strip it, prime it and paint it with aerosols to see what quality of finish I can achieve. I decided to start on the less important underside and so set the panel on a rug with a plastic sheet on the patio. I followed the instructions which suggest two coats and a total 40 minute application. The bubbling of the paint was impressive, but the paint didn’t come off that well, leaving patches remaining (not so much of the green). I gave it a rub down with sand paper and the wire brush and gave it a coat of etch primer just as a holding finish. Conclusion: this is a messy job. As a follow up, I will need to run the primer back and then build up the primer to get a smooth finish. Glad I experimented on the underside!

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