5 Aug 18 Some progress made

There is a great sense of satisfaction at overcoming a long running challenge and today I did just that. There were two brackets on the MG which used to hold the Kenlow electric fan in place in front of the radiator. These brackets have been bothering me for a while as its not possible to get a grip from underneath to be able to release the nuts. I tried to get a hacksaw blade in there sideways and used up some cutting disks from my rotary tool all of which failed in one way or another. Today I got brave and took out the angle grinder and with a bit of thinking and having fitted a cutting disk, I managed to cut off all four bolts and remove the brackets – hurrah! I am pleased with this because its the first time I have really felt like I had proper command of the angle grinder which is a scary tool at the best of times. I had gloves, safety glasses and overalls on, I thought about how I would hold the tool in the best way and I had a bucket of water in case a stray spark did anything nasty. This completes the under bonnet strip down although there is one last little loom bracket tucked up by the bonnet line rain channel, which I will probably have to drill out, but today was an achievement.

Another long running saga continues today which is the temperature sensor in the side of the cylinder head. This brass fellow has a completely rounded head thanks to numerous attempts to release it with various tools, all to no avail. Austin the welder, when attempting removal with his specialist socket set described it as ‘murder tight’. Today I applied heat using my newly purchased blow torch. This delightful tool rapidly produces a nice blue flame and I had the tip of the sensor glowing red and lovely colourful flames around the areas. Again, bucket of water was on hand, overalls, gloves and glasses worn. Unfortunately, the heat to make no difference and the sensor refused to budge. It really is a stubborn fellow, so I think it will have to be introduced to Mr. Drill and his friend the ‘Tap and Die’ set. I think John from Church has a tap and die set so maybe I can ask him for help and also add some prayer to the mix as this is one stubborn component. God’s plan is in everything so I will prayerfully reflect on why I have been unable to remove it – lack of faith is probably the answer.

I inspected the hatch today, the subject of recent experimentation with paint and the colour, through hardening off seems whiter, which is good news as I previously reported it as having a distinctly yellow tinge. Its so tempting to order some more paint and have another go with the aerosols. Seems I have been using the wrong strokes (too quick, too far away) in the wrong sort of conditions (too hot, too windy) so with this lesson learned, maybe another go is on the cards. Still at £24 per can, there is a cost to be incurred. Its more expensive than Rum and not as good to drink, so I need to be mindful of this.

MG Hatch 5

The hatch look almost white today

Finally, jolly hot to be doing work today. The UK continues to experience the hottest summer since 1976, remarkable really and we’ve all gotten used to a semi-outdoors life and not taking a jumper let alone a jacket anywhere. With overalls, its was a bit sweaty, but safety was imperative.




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