30 Aug 18 Sebring Look

I have been thinking about the Sebring look for the MG. The look comes from a group of MGB-GTs which raced at Sebring in the US in period. These MGB-GTs had swollen arches to cover wider wheels, bumpers removed and the front and rear valances altered to improve aerodynamics and to provide cooling to the front brakes. Today, kits can be bought to imitate this look made of fibreglass. In my case, I would only change the front and rear valances, not go for the swollen arches which involves a lot more modification not only of bodywork but also of suspension with resulting substantial costs. I have researched MGB-GTs with just front and rear valances and they do look pretty good, especially when accompanied with replica racing wheels in the ‘Minilite’ style. The photos below show an MGB-GT in white with a similar look.

MGB Sebring Front

This is a departure from originality, but ultimately it could be reversed and is relatively popular, so I don’t think it would adversely affect the value. There is a marginal performance improvement as the car is lighter without the bumpers, but when we are talking about a 40 year old car, the concept of performance is somewhat academic. The cost of the valances is around £80 each end, and our MG needs a new front valance anyway, so this is a low cost modification. I will instruct Reef the paintshop of this requirement when the car goes in around December 2018.
MGB Sebring Rear

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