22 Sep 18 Further under-dash stripping

Having successfully removed the dashboard last week, today I focussed on further stripping and storing components from under the dash in readiness for soda-blasting. This involved the removal of the crash protection cushion strip along the top edge of the dash, removal of the demist blower vents, ducts and covers, removal of the heater control mechanism and cable, the wiper mechanism, washer jet and the dash top vinyl cover and board. With the fascia removed this all came out fairly easily, although I used some heat (from my heat gun) to shift one of the wiper mechanisms which was a bit stubborn.  I also pulled as much of the loom into one place, pending wrapping to protect it from the soda-blasting process.

After tidying up the tools and boxing or stacking the removed components, I had a closer look at the removed fascia to investigate what can be done to improve its appearance. For around £99 there are firms that will refurbish it, or I could just spray it with Satin Black over the current finish and leave it at that. I also removed all the remaining switches, the lock and the instrument cowl in readiness for refurbishing. There is a chrome strip remaining which I could have just prised off, but I think better to research how it comes off first. It is pitted, so would benefit from replacement.

There is increasingly little to do as regards stripping with the main job being the removal of the headlining which will not survive soda-blasting and which is soiled anyway. The headlining has a few trims and caps to remove before I get to the main lining, but this should be simple to do. I am at the stage now where I could probably leave it, but I might as well push on so that I understand how it goes back on again when I get to the rebuild.

Just remembered! there is a stubborn loom bracket under the bonnet in an awkward place that I tried to cut off last weekend with the angle grinder (un-successfully). That is another pre-soda blasting job that needs finishing.

Once the car is fully prepared for blasting I will turn my attention to what needs doing to the removed components. This involves repainting the engine, replacing the clutch, cleaning the gearbox as well as scores of components so there is plenty to do.

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