3 Feb 19 Pedalling

Having resprayed the master cylinder assembly recently, I decided today to reinstall the pedals. This was fairly simple after I had worked out what went where. Fitting the return springs was a bit of a faff but once I had fitted one, the other was a bit easier.

Also gathered all the air filter bits into one place and loosely fitted them together so that I am not hunting around for missing bits when I put them back on. The factory air filters are restrictive, but they have character, so I am going to keep them, at least in the short term.

I am thinking about how to build the engine back up and working out what I need to have ready. Carburettor and exhaust gaskets are on my shopping list as essential as is painting the newly blasted exhaust manifold which needs high temperature paint.

I am off to the MG and Triumph Spares day next weekend, so will be purchasing essentials and meeting suppliers – should be fun.

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