15 Apr 19 Goods Inward

Collected a big order from Moss today with critical path components for the rebuild, including brake lines, master cylinders and so on. Good service from Moss, they also agreed a full refund for the faulty valance I had bought previously. Fair play.

Anyway with all the boxes of parts, I was reminded that when my Dad worked for a BMC/British Leyland / Rover dealership, running the parts department, they had a Goods Inwards bay and I always found the phrase puzzling as a young whipper-snapper. In tribute I created a sign for our garage door.This evening I fitted a couple of the easy bits; pulley, exhaust gasket, thermostat, heater matrix and read up on the gas struts which I have bought to lift the bonnet. Looking forward to the weekend when hopefully will get the chance to fit a few more bits!

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