15 Dec 18 Wing removal

One of the final preparations for the respray is the remove the front wings, so I tackled that this afternoon, on a wet and windy Saturday before Christmas. It was so unpleasantly cold that I couldn’t stand to be outside, so I manoeuvred the MG within the garage so I had a bit of room and unbolted the drivers side wing. One of the those jobs that I had read up about, and for once it went pretty smoothly, I only forgot one bolt and having been there before with my Suzuki Cappuccino I soon tracked down the remaining one. They are bolted on thoroughly, but once all the bolts were removed, the wing came off easily. On initial inspection, the condition of the wing and the inner wing appear good. The bottom edge of the wing is a little ratty, but that should tidy up when blasted and resprayed. 

A bit more daunting was my inspection of the loom. I have to feed the loom from under the bonnet through a small hole in the firewall, which doesn’t look easy especially as some clips and bits are still fixed. I removed a couple of pieces, but I may have to go as far as un-taping it and pushing it through one wire at a time. I need to find time to do this as it doesn’t look like a 5 mins job. Also, I have to work out the piece that goes under the car and presumably to the rear. I could do with a dry day, not too cold – some hope of that before 6 Jan 19! (pick up day). I seem to suddenly find myself with a lot to do and not much time to do it, hmm! 

5 thoughts on “15 Dec 18 Wing removal

  1. But seriously, if you need cheap labour I can give you a day between Christmas and New Year if it helps.


  2. They didn’t strip it to fit it, so you shouldn’t have to to remove it. I assume you have removed the grommet?


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