27 Dec 18 Garage Tidy

I am planning to remove the loom on Saturday (with some help) so I thought I had better tidy up the garage in readiness. I managed to fill around three bags of general rubbish, made a pile of cardboard for recycling, collected around ten reusable bags and restacked some of the dismantled parts into neater piles. A good couple of hours spent on making the workspace somewhat tidier.

Believe it or not, this is the garage after tidying

I also located several components which I want to be blasted at the same time as the body shell. They include the carburettor heat shield, exhaust manifold, and the heater box all of which I stacked inside the car for when it is collected for respraying. While I was routing around I picked up the flap through which hot air is drawn for the interior. This was fairly ropey, but is too delicate to be blasted so I cleaned it up with my Dremel tool. It will need further preparation and painting before refitting.

Later in the day I rang Moss of Bristol and spoke to George to order the Sebring Valance, Wrinkle Paint and front wing splash plates. I will go to Bristol tomorrow to pick them up. Finally I sent a SMS message to Chris from Oakwood transport, arranging for the MG to be delivered to RJH Blast Cleaning Services. He replied that was okay, so we are good to go for collection Monday week.

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