13 Jan 19 Rebuild preparation

There’s plenty to be getting on with while the MG is being resprayed. This afternoon I turned the engine around and de-greased the dirty side. As a reminder I had previously painted one side of the engine and as the results of this are okay, I decided to prepare to paint the other side. I am using a cycling de-greaser, sprayed water and a brush to remove the muck. I used plenty of water and could see the muck coming off the engine onto the garage floor. That face of the engine now needs to dry thoroughly allowing me to give it a dusting of black engine paint (I am using motorcycle engine paint).

While in the garage I pulled out some components which will need a bit of love before they are refitted. First out of the box were the clutch and brake pedal. Interestingly, one of these (I am not sure which is which at this stage) had a seized bearing, which cannot have made for a particularly smooth pedal action, probably the clutch since that is the one that had failed. Anyway I used a chisel and hammer to gently coax it out and then rubbed it down with sand paper so I would fit back in and turn nicely. I was pleased to spot this as it was an easy job today, which might have been a pain if found after I had fitted all the pedals back in place. I gave the pedals a rub with some sandpaper and a dusting of primer, then engine paint. I am not fussy about the finish on these sorts of components, just aiming to freshen them up a bit before they are refitted.

I did a similar job with the bracket which houses the brake and clutch master cylinders, removing both cylinders, rubbing down he bracket and giving it a coat of paint.

The painted bracket resting on the spare wheel

Finally, an update on the respray. The MG has been blasted and transported to Reef Paint Shop. Roger (the blaster) text me to say it had all gone okay, no hiccups or nasty surprises. So now its over to Gavin for him to work his magic.

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