7 Jan 19 Blast-off

The MG was picked up today (by Chris from Oakwood of Corsham) and transported to RJH Blast services where the paint will be stripped by Roger prior to the respray. On arrival at the premises there was a lot of noise and dust from one of the garages from which Roger emerged to offer me a friendly if dusty handshake. We talked about the job and Gavin from Reef was on hand too to discuss what was needed. I was reassured by Roger’s assertion that ‘it doesn’t look too bad’ and so I was happy that the MG is in good hands. Gavin identified that I hadn’t removed the indicator stalk, so he quickly removed this so that it avoids being contaminated by the blast media which it turns out is ground recycled glass.

MG loaded onto Chris’s truck
The MG awaiting blasting

So we were four petrol heads all talking cars before I realised I was supposed to be at work, so I said my goodbyes and headed off. I am really excited to have reached this stage of the project. This is the turnaround, the end of the strip down and the start of the rebuild phase. I do have some jobs to do while the MG is away for a few weeks, including finishing off painting the engine and getting all the components into good condition and ordering the new parts which I will need for the initial build, so there will be no slacking!

2 thoughts on “7 Jan 19 Blast-off

  1. Well done, it must be great to reach the “turnaround” point. You’ve done a massive amount of work to get to this point. Now, you are sure about white yeah?


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