21 Jan 19 Rebuild commences

So a grand name for a blog of little practical significance, but bear with me. Today I collected some loose parts of the MG from Gavin of Reef Paintshop. This includes newly finished dash, radiator shroud, heater box and master cylinder cover. Significantly, I had removed the glove-box lid for it to be refinished and hence when at lunchtime, I re-fixed the lid to the dashboard, then, tah dah! the rebuild has commenced, albeit in a somewhat minor way.

As to progress of the respray, the blasting has revealed a couple of areas needing some attention, previously unknown. The n/s rear window surround has a small area of perforation where is has rusted out, probably due to it being a water trap. To do a full metal repair here would involve substantial work, so I have agreed for it to be cleaned up, glass-fibred and then filled smooth. Another area by the o/s door shut has some perforation so Gavin proposes plug welding this as the perforations are small. Of more significance is the front wing headlight mountings. These were scabby before and after blasting look worse. Gavin asked me to research what panels are available and I quickly identified that Moss do these as a replacement part, so have ordered two to go to his shop tomorrow. Other than that, there are no surprises and after he has completed a BMW M3 that was in the shop, he will be cracking on with the MG. All work to date is of a great quality and I am happy with how it is progressing.

The MG under dust covers at Reef Paint Shop

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