25 Jan 19 First paint!

The main shell in the paint shop

First image today of the main shell with paint. The outside is still finished in epoxy primer, whereas the inside has received its coat of Glacier White and looks great.

Gavin messaged me earlier requesting that I drop over the following parts for trial fitting – head lights, tail lights and chrome strips. I found the lights easily enough, but I had dumped the chrome strips during the strip down. A quick call to Moss sorted that out and I had the parts delivered by mid afternoon. He also highlighted an issue with the valance as he wasn’t sure how it was supposed to fit. I researched fitting of it on the internet and sent him some notes to clarify that I want a bolted on look, not all smoothed over as I think this looks more authentic to the original 1967 Sebring MGB-GT (see photo below).

The original 1967 Sebring MGB-GTs, the inspiration for my build

My GT is not going to look quite like this, especially as being on standard springs, it will sit higher, but the photo indicates how good they look without bumpers.

One thought on “25 Jan 19 First paint!

  1. why not go for racing livery, using, of course, the british racing green as your base colour? I fancy # 04, for what its worth……


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