24 Feb 19 Carbs reunited

Unseasonably warm February day, Helen was working so I did a little tinkering in the garage. With the garage door open, the sun was streaming in and it was a nice place to be. I decided to have a look at the carbs which I had spent some time cleaning up early in the strip down but hadn’t looked at for a while. I mounted them on the inlet manifold and heat shield just to see how they go back together and to try to work out how to make them operate. The whole set up needs new gaskets so it was a trial fit really but useful all the same.

Carbs reunited

The carb on the right has had more cleaning work than the one on the left so some more detailing to do there in due course. I had a look at the float chambers while I was there and they were in a shocking state – full of white powder which I took to be aluminium corrosion. Yuck. These will need a serious sort out.

Grotty float chambers

I wasn’t sure how to remove the float itself, but shortly after discussing it with my Dad he rang back to tell me there was a retaining screw in the body of the chamber and that released the float. He had looked it up in an old manual – honestly, he’s quicker than Google, and more accurate – thanks Dad.

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