16 Mar 19 Body restoration nearing completion

I have started to refer to the work being done on the MG by Reef Paint Shop as a body restoration as ‘respray’ doesn’t really do justice to what they have done. Although the new body panels had already been fitted before I bought the car, and I had got the main areas of welding done before it went to Reef, they have put enormous effort into getting it all to fit and look right before applying the paint. Gavin put some update photographs up on FB yesterday (see below) and advised that next Friday is looking good for a completion date.

So that’s exciting news, getting the MG back will trigger the next phase of the restoration which is the build phase, itself split into numerous sub-phases as I work out how to install the various systems that go to make up a working car. I’ve have spent considerable time thinking about sequence and I reckon I have got a reasonable idea how to do it.

In readiness for the build phase, with some help from Rob, I have developed a shopping list of parts and I recently placed an order with David Manners Group for a new wiring harness, new clutch and various other bits and pieces which are crucial for the initial build stages. I am not able to make one order for all the parts, as I haven’t got the room to store it all and frankly, I think it would be a bit overwhelming to have everything arrive at once and then try to keep it all sorted for the months the build is going to take.

Having reflected on the build phase, it occurred to me that although there is a sequence for certain components (e.g. wiring harness in first), there are other jobs that can be slotted in pretty much as I fancy it, for example, the door handles can go on anytime as well as the side chrome strips, boot latch and so on. I am determined to enjoy this build phase and not to rush to get it on the road. As much as I am keen to drive the MG, I only really get once opportunity to do this build, so I might as well enjoy it.

Other recent purchases include a torque wrench (haven’t even taken it out the box yet) and carburettor cleaner (haven’t used it yet). Work, family and social life pretty busy at the moment, so the restoration of the bits of the car I still have a home has been a little slow.

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