16 Aug 20 My new Landrover Defender

I completed the build of my Lego Defender, a Christmas present from Helen which I have enjoyed building over the last few months. A few years ago I received a present of the McLaren F1 car (in the Vodafone days) from my brother – this Landrover build was another step up in term of complexity. It’s very clever how they create the Landrover in Lego and its quite relaxing to sit down and just lose some time putting one bit on at a time. It doesn’t have the challenge of the MG, of course, but for anyone who doesn’t have space for a classic car in their garage, this is a fun alternative. When I’ve finished the MG, I would consider another Lego model – I’ve heard there is a Mustang…?

Just to be clear, this is a static model, so it can’t really scale the rockery, sorry to shatter any one’s illusions.

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