30 Dec 18 Rear wiring loom removal

Following on from yesterday’s progress in removing the main wiring loom, this afternoon I removed the rear loom. I had disconnected the rear loom from the main one yesterday by pulling apart the connectors so all I had to do today was to unclip the loom along its route from engine compartment to where it emerges in the boot floor. ‘All I had to do…’

I jacked up the o/s of the MG and set it on two axle stands. Then lying on my back I started to remove the clips and brackets starting at the front and working towards the back. The loom goes through a chassis member about halfway along, but the loom pulled through this once the grommets were loosened. The job got a bit more difficult around the fuel pump, firstly because some parts of the loom were still connected to it, and secondly because there is a clip right up inside the rear arch which was difficult to get a spanner too, and very stiff to boot. It took a while (a long while…) but ultimately I removed the nut and this loosened the loom allowing me to feed it up through the hole into the boot. I then had the satisfaction of removing it from the car and reflecting on a job which had gone well.

With the rear loom removed, it was time to quit while I was ahead, and call it a day

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